Amy - Alexandria, VA

We have a happy, healthy, wonderful son who, in his first 8 months, was a nighttime monster!  No one in our household slept for more than 3 hours at a time (if we were lucky!) from the point our baby was born - despite having read all the books, reviewing as many websites as we could find, and trying (and failing) to apply different sleep-training principles.  Sleep-deprived?  Frustrated?  Desperate?  We were all three.  Then Ingrid started working with us and within days, everything changed.  With a few simple tweaks, our son began sleeping between 11 to 12 hours each night, napping on a regular schedule, and eating voraciously.  He goes happily to his crib, puts himself to sleep, and is a little ray of well-rested sunshine when he wakes up for the day.  We saw improvements by the second night and had an established routine with a full night's sleep by the fifth.
It felt like a miraculous change - magic, even - and Ingrid gets all the credit.  Her plan was easy to follow and her daily support and guidance kept us moving forward even when travel threatened to derail our progress.  It was clear we were working with an expert who understood not only how to address our son's sleep issues, but also his parents' confusion, lack of confidence, and exhaustion!  We needed knowledge, encouragement, and empathy, and Ingrid offered all three.  If you feel like I did - confused about the different methods, uncertainty about what a sleep coach could offer, and suspicious that your child is just a "bad sleeper" - do not give up!  This is worth trying!  We now joke that our son is a "sleep genius," but Ingrid is the genius.  We only wish we had started working with her sooner!