Are you exhausted?

Do you dread bedtime?

Does your child require a lot of assistance to fall asleep?

Are you up multiple times a night with your child?

Does your child resist naps even though they are tired?


I'm Ingrid Hanifen BSN, RN. and as the mother of two children, I know how essential sleep is for everyone in your family. My goal is to provide each family with the skills and information they need to get the sleep they deserve. Whether you are co-sleeping, room sharing or your child is in their own room- we can find a strategy that will work for you. We will work together to build a plan that is right for your family.

How does it work?

In our initial consult we'll talk about:        

  • your child's challenges and unique sleep habits

  • your parenting style and ultimate sleep goals    

  • your role in the sleep shaping process 

  • And, the importance of consistency

Next, I'll work with you to create a sleep plan for your family so that we can begin to lay the groundwork for healthy sleep habits. Once you begin the sleep plan, we stay in contact via phone and email to track your child's sleep, troubleshoot any problems, adjust the plan if needed, and encourage your efforts and celebrate your successes!